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Shall we travel to 1416? A distant historical period to know, through a dynamic visit, its political and social organization, culture, art, food and leisure of the moment.
#Royal Palace of Olite

1-hour dynamic visit in which we will travel to 1416, the year in which Doña Blanca, daughter of King Carlos III the Noble of Navarra and Doña Leonor de Trastámara, will be proclaimed heir to the throne. This event will help us immerse ourselves in a distant historical period to learn, through a dynamic visit, its political and social organization, the culture that permeated their mentalities and their artistic expressions, and other no less important aspects, such as food or leisure. their habitants.

A whole tour from a unique space with which to enter and learn while enjoying our history.

The monumental complex of the Royal Palace of Olite includes three areas: the Old Palace (now the National Parador), the ruins of the Chapel of San Jorge and the New Palace, known as the Olite Castle, the largest area and the only one that can be visited.

The New Palace was built at the beginning of the s. XV, at the request of the King of Navarra Carlos III the Noble and his wife Doña Leonor de Trastámara. It is made up of a set of patios, rooms, moats and gardens, topped by numerous towers that can also be accessed. It was one of the most sumptuous palaces in Europe, with hanging gardens, running water, luxurious decoration and even exotic animals such as lions or camels.

In 1813, the Palace suffered a devastating fire that reduced it to ruins. Fortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century restoration works began. Today it is the most important medieval monument in Navarra

*Currently some space of the Royal Palace of Olite may be undergoing heritage improvement works.

Practical info

Activity for educational groups
Educational levels: ESO, baccalaureate and training cycles.

Accessibility: The Palace is partially accessible for people with reduced mobility (there is an elevator that connects the ground floor with the first floor); It is not possible to access with pushchairs or baby carriages.

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How to arrive:

Pl. Carlos III El Noble, s/n, 31390 Olite, Navarra

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