Dramatized visit to the Villa de las Musas de Arellano

Guided by Vipsania, the lady of the Villa de las Musas, we will visit the remains of this large rural estate where, in addition to housing the luxurious mosaics that decorated the residential part, the best wine in the area was produced.
#Villa of the Muses of Arellano

Theatrical visit lasting about 90 minutes, in which we will accompany Vipsania as she talks to us about her role at home and in society in general, and to explain what was, for her, the best day of the year: during the Bacchanalia or cults of Bacchus, when he was allowed to drink wine. How was she going to deprive herself of this broth that was produced in her villa, one of the most productive and luxurious in the area!

The Roman Villa of the Muses is an archaeological site of a Roman villa built around the 1st century AD. whose name, "Aurelianum", is the origin of the municipality of Arellano. And it is one of the best kept secrets of Navarre's Roman heritage.

Practical info

Activity offered in Spanish

Accessibility: The site is partially accessible for people with reduced mobility.


Saturday - 12 noon 


  • Adults: €6.50
  • Youth Card: €3.25
  • Seniors over 65: €3.25
  • Children from 6 to 13 years old: €3.25
  • Children from 0 to 5 years: free
  • People with functional diversity: €2

How to get:

Roman Villa of the Muses of Arellano. 31263, Arellano, Navarre

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