Living and working in a luxurious Roman villa / school visit /

During the visit we will learn how wine was made in a cellar from Roman times and we will walk through the rooms where its owners lived, discovering one of its treasures: the exceptional mosaic that gives the town its name.
#Villa of the Muses of Arellano

1-hour guided tour in which our guides will show you how wine was made in the 1st-5th centuries AD and what agricultural life was like for the inhabitants of this country house and one of the best-kept secrets of Navarre's Roman heritage.

The Villa de las Musas de Arellano, one of the oldest in Europe, is of exceptional historical interest. It was a luxurious country residence related to the production of wine and the cult of Cibeles. Surrounded by a landscape that has remained unchanged, it preserves the testimonies of its organization and production system.

Together we will tour the site where large halls, rooms and study rooms used to be, all of them adorned with mosaics. Banquets were held there, business was done, and religious practices were performed.

Practical info

Activity for educational groups
Educational levels: Primary, ESO, baccalaureate and training cycles

Free parking for cars and bicycles

Accessibility: The site is partially accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Activity on demand prior reservation. Thank you for completing your School Reservation Form so that we can prepare your experience your experience at the site.


Guided visit:

    • Students €3
    • Teachers: €0

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Roman Villa of the Muses of Arellano. 31263, Arellano, Navarre

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